Will being on hold make you change?

23 04 2007

I have been thinking about my last 12 minute phone call (10 of which were on hold). I have to wonder how many people would change suppliers because of the 10 minutes hold experience. The thing is I think that these large organisations count on the annoyance to go away.

Sometimes you have no option but to say with the schonky service. But in general it is almost more hassle than the 10 minutes from time to time to change. And I think this hassle is what they count on. In my personal opinion an acceptable hold period should be approximately 2-3 minutes. Past that the phone call starts to intrude on my day.

Of late I am noticing that the average on hold time period is more 10 – 15 minutes for large companies. I will state that not all are this bad. Some have provided prompt service and it has been a joy. I would be interested to find out how many people do move providers if kept on the phone for too long.




One response

24 04 2007
Tom Vander Well

You’ve got some great content here, and you’re asking very worthwhile questions. I linked to this post today.

Keep it up!

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